Rytmik Studio – музыкальный инструментарий приходит на Nintendo Switch

Все прекрасно знают что музыканты любят продукцию Nintendo. Gameboy для чиптюн-сетов, DS и 3DS для KORG-симуляторов и вот теперь скоро выйдет Rytmik Studio! Он был и на NDSi и в виде Rytmik Ultimate на Nintendo 3DS. И вот в 2018 году он выйдет на Nintendo Switch с более чем 1200 семплами. Можно будет соединять консоль даже с MIDI-клавиатурами без проблем (?). также появится функция импорта новых самодельных сэмплов.

Так как я не особо сведущ в музыкальных делах – список изменений приведу в оригинале:

NEW in Rytmik Studio
* Advanced Sound Effects – Fine and dramatic sound editing with EQ3, Resonant Filter, Drive, Bright, Modelay, Modulation Matrix, 2× ADSR and 2× LFO with optional target modulation, 4× Send, and Sidechain Compression. ADSR envelopes and LFOs can continuously change a variety of instrument and effect parameters.
* Automation – Draw automation curves within songs that smoothly control instruments and effects.
* Instrument Presets – Play with an advanced synth! Choose from hundreds of named presets across multiple categories, and create all-new custom presets.
* MIDI Input – Rytmik is compatible with standard MIDI keyboards.
* Sidechain – A must-have tool, especially for contemporary dance and electronic music. Automatically muffle one sound with another (such as a bass with a kick drum). Using these tools makes effects like the “pulsing” in dance music very quick and easy to produce in Rytmik Studio.
* Global Sound Effects – Using the 2× Stereo Reverb, 2× Stereo Delay, Master EQ and Limiter, each instrument can be sent into two reverbs and two delays. From short and simple sound you can create a long vibrant range, or simply deliver the drum width and space. The final output of the sound engine can be further adjusted by the equalizer. Dynamics is controlled by a limiter (also works in multiband mode).
* Custom Samples – Rytmik Studio includes a generous number of samples, and also allows you to import new ones freely. Record vocals, instruments and other sources, and seamlessly add these samples into the custom library.
* Live Performance – Rytmik Studio Live Mode is specially designed for stage performance. Quickly and dynamically change and control songs play, and take full control of effects directly on groups of instruments.

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